Saturday, August 23, 2014

Funny and ironic this post is... (Translation)


Thank you for your interest in Google AdSense. Unfortunately, after our review of your application, we can not accept your AdSense application at this time.

Did not accept your application for the reasons described below.

Content is not enough

More details:
Content is not enough: you have to be approved in AdSense and be able to display relevant ads on your site, you need to contain enough text on your pages even take our team specialists in order to review and determine the type of creepy content pages.

To resolve this issue, please apply the following suggestions:

- Make sure your pages contain text enough; where you will not be approved Web sites that often contain pictures or video clips or flash animated fees.
- Should include content on complete sentences and paragraphs, not titles alone.
- Make sure the completion of the creation of your website and launch it before applying to participate in AdSense, and do not apply your subscription while still at the stage of a trial version, or "under construction" or model consists of a Web site only.
- Place your ad code on a page directly from your website. It is not necessary to be the home page, but it will not be approved test page devoid of any content other than the ad code AdSense.
- Be careful on the existence of a clear navigation system for your visitors so that they can be easily found on all sections of the site and its pages.
- If you want to achieve income of videos on YouTube, please apply for a subscription to the achievement of program income from YouTube ( It should be noted that it would not be approved in this program on blogs and Web sites that contain video clips only.

When you have finished making the necessary changes, it will be a pleasure to conduct another review of your application.

You can get more details and tips about the application on

To update your application and resubmit it, please visit and log in using your email address and password that you submitted with your application. Specialists will review your account to verify its compatibility with program policies, so please make sure to resolve all the problems mentioned above before resending the request to participate.

For a complete list of criteria for AdSense, please visit:

For more information, please visit the Help Center: or search the AdSense Help Forum about what you want to know, where he is attending a forum AdSense publishers on best practices: http: / / It also contributes to Google AdSense representatives in the discussions.


The Google AdSense Team

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  1. why would you need an adsense account?